khoda (dazat) wrote in hellbabies,

Hi, I hope this is okay to post here! If not feel free to delete.

Large, beautifully sculpted and very detailed Kid Robot vinyl figure based on Mizuno Junko's experimental manga Pure Trance. This figure is missing three pieces (the pill the baby Rika should be holding, one of the handles on the chainsaw, and one of the medical tools strapped to Kaori's thigh--see pics below for more detail) but is otherwise in very good condition. Bears Mizuno Junko's authentic signature in silver marker on the back of her head, from the NYC-located Kid Robot store signing back in 2008. Stands at a tall 9 inches and weighs about 10oz. Comes in original box (which while a little worn around the edges, is likewise in good condition).

Very rare and usually quite expensive ($300+++ on Ebay), I'm asking $140 which includes shipping anywhere within the United States (unfortunately I cannot ship overseas at this time).

I accept payment via Paypal (, and you can see my seller feedback here, here and here.

Additional Pics: Back,
Box Detail 1, Box Detail 2, Box Detail 3
Chainsaw Detail 1, Chainsaw Detail 2,
Close-up 1, Close-up 2,
Lower Body Detail,
Mizuno Junko Signature Detail

Thank you! :)
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