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a Mizuno Junko community
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Who is Mizuno Junko? (Taken from www.mizuno-junko.com)

Born 1973 in Tokyo, Japan, Junko Mizuno is one of the most promising young artists in Japan's fast-moving manga (comics) scene. Her instantly recognizable illustrations blending the cute and the grotesque grace everything in Tokyo from T-shirts to CD jackets to nightclub décor. Mizuno first came to prominence with her comics series Pure Trance (1998), which was originally serialized as booklets released with CDs by the techno-pop label Avex Trax. Her most recent book is a collection of illustrations called Junko Mizuno's Hell Babies (2001). In English, Mizuno's comics have appeared in Tokion magazine, Secret Comics Japan (2000), and PULP: The Manga Magazine, where she illustrated the "Vulgarity Drifting Diary" column and serialized Cinderalla. Her English-language full-length book debut will be Junko Mizuno's Cinderalla (July 2002), which will be published in full color by Viz Comics.

This community is for fans of Mizuno Junko and her cute yet creepy, sweet yet sexy style. Post pictures, news, reviews, sightings, fan art, cosplay, trades or anything else Mizuno-sensei related. Also, if you find know of an artist that you think Mizuno Junko fans will like, feel free to post those pictures as well! Let's spread the word about on of Tokyo's most talented and most unique artists!